«Architecture is about precedents»

Peter Eisenman

archsynopsis project is developed by ALT+A association

We need references. Archsynopsis is a project that keeps track of these references in a non-hierarchical, non-chronological, and (obviously) subjective archive. The underlying architectural concepts are synthesized into a single square black&white drawing using sketches and diagrams.
The archive is divided into two categories: architects and building type. Enjoy!

Weapons of choice: Procreate + Morpholio Trace

✖️Răzvan Mircea Nica

◾️ (some kind of) Architect PhD

➕ associate professor

🟰17 years of teaching ARCHITECTURAL THEORY, URBAN SOCIOLOGY, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN + DRAWING at “G.M. Cantacuzino” Faculty of Architecture, Iași

founder of ALT+A association (NGO)

producer at SF(a) Society. Film. Architecture.


*these drawings are delicate, handle with care

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